Newcomers – What to Expect

How to Find Us

We are located at 8210 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33919. We are on the north side of College Parkway, between Fountain Court (and Lee Memorial Medical Buildings) on the west and the Hightower building (with Priority Marketing) on the east.

Whether you enter the front door, across from a paved handicapped parking lot, or the back door, someone will be there to greet you. The back parking lot also has handicapped parking, but parking spots are unpaved.

Front Entrance (College Parkway is at top of photo)

Back Entrance

Back Parking Lot







What to Wear

You may see coats and ties as well as shorts and sandals. Come as you are most comfortable.

Bringing Children

Children of all ages are welcome.  Children start in the sanctuary with us and then recess to Sunday School after the Children’s Moment. We are not bothered by little ones who cry or talk during the service. If their parents feel more comfortable letting their little ones run around, the service can be heard from speakers in the Fellowship Hall – the large room with the tables that you passed through if you parked in the back lot.

Be Anonymous or Let Us Know You’re Visiting

As you enter the church through either door, you will be greeted by someone and offered a name-tag if you choose. You will also be asked if you would like to be recognized during the announcements as a visitor, or remain anonymous. If you would like to be contacted about church news or social activities, give us your contact information as well.

Join Us for Refreshments after Worship:






Each Sunday, we have coffee, lemonade, and light snacks in the large room you may have walked through if you entered by the back door like many of us. In addition to meeting some of our parishioners, you can learn about our church by checking out the bulletin boards on the walls.