Worship Bulletin for Sunday 05/24/2020

May 24, 2020 – Worship Bulletin

Welcome and Announcements

Opening Prayer:
Another day dawns, O God, and we rise again listening for your voice. May we find it in the community of life that springs up all around, in the call of our loved ones, in the stillness and silence of rest, and in the people’s cry for justice. In our hearing your voice and our knowing your imminence, may we be renewed and restored. Empower us in the face of life’s struggles, build us up with your courage to proclaim the truth, invite us into deeper communion with your presence in those around us. Despite our isolation, may we be unified in a common spirit of worship. Gather us this day, we pray. Amen.

Opening Music: “In the Highways” performed by Wesley and Hanny

Children’s Sermon

Old Testament: Psalm 47
New Testament: Acts 1:1-11

Message“Why do you stand looking up toward heaven?”

Offertory Invitation

Offertory: “Victory in Jesus” performed by Amy Maneval

Pastoral Prayer

Silent Prayer

Lord’s Prayer


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