Worship Bulletin for 06/28/2020

Sunday Bulletin for June 28th, 2020

“Replacing Bars of Wood with Iron”

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Opening Prayer:

O God, great Redeemer of humankind, our hearts are tender in the thought of you, for in all the afflictions of our living you have been afflicted, and in the suffering of your people it was your body that was crucified. You have been wounded by our transgressions and bruised by our iniquities, and al lour sins are laid at last on you. Amid the groaning of creation we behold your spirit in travail till all children of God shall be born in freedom holiness.

We pray, O Lord, for the graces of a pure and holy life that we may no longer add to the dark weight of the world’s sin that is laid upon you, but may share with you in your redemptive work. As we hae thirsted with evil passions to the destruction of our neighbors, fill us now with hunger and thirst for justice that we may bear glad tidings to the poor and set at liberty all who are in the prisons of want and sin.

Lay your spirit upon us and inspire us with a passion of Christ-like love that we may join our lives with the oppressed and may strengthen their cause by bearing their sorrows. And if the evil that is threatened turns to smite us and if we must learn the dark malignity of sinful power, comfort us by the thought that we are bearing in our body the marks of Jesus, and that only those who share in his free sacrifie shall feel the fullness of your life. Help us in patience to carry forward the eternal cross of Christ, counting it joy if we, too, are sown as grains of wheat in the furrows of the world, for only by the agony of the righteous comes redemption. Amen.

Opening Music – “Cure for the Pain” – Jon Foreman

Children’s Sermon

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 28

Sermon: “Replacing bars of wood with iron” – Rev Wesley Snedeker

Offertory Invitation – “Here I Am Lord” – Amy Maneval


Pastoral Prayer

Silent Prayer

Lord’s Prayer


Closing Music


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