Worship Bulletin for 06/21/2020

Prayers for the 3rd Sunday of Pentecost

June 21, 2020

Cold Nest Mothers

Opening Music – “Great is Your Faithfulness” – Amy Maneval

Announcements and Centering

Passing of the Peace

Call to Worship
One: The sun shines more brightly. Its warmth stays with us for so many more hours.
All:   So we shake free of our routines.
One: In this new moment,
We wander about the wilderness:
Hoping God will open our eyes
Praying God will make us worthy
Wanting to grow with God.
All:   Let us grow together in the wild ways of our God.

Invocation (inspired by Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17)
Wild God, you do great and wonderful things.
It’s what makes you our God.
There is nothing else in this world like you.
There’s nothing else like your love.
Wild God, come and worship with us.
Help us to grow in your love.

Children’s Sermon

Scripture Reading – Genesis 21:8-21 – Clark Woods

Sermon – “Cold Nest Mothers” – Rev. David K Bucey

Invitation to Offering
Our Wild God has helped and comforted us.
And it is so good! We will not be distressed. Not anymore!
We will work in this goodness to mend every broken branch on our family tree.
We will use our gifts, tithes and offerings to rebuild the body of Christ.
Let us give to the family that nurtures us in new growth.

Offertory – “Into My Heart” – Ann Garvelink / Amy Maneval

Dedication Prayer
Grow these gifts in your love, Wild God.
Bless our offerings, our hearts and our hopes in your love
To make us worthy of your work in this world.
Fill these gifts and each of us with your goodness. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer

Silent Prayer

Lord’s Prayer

Beloved in Christ, into your hands God gives strength and worth.
Take another strip of cloth to weave into and to mend
the broken relationships in the body of Christ.
Trust that this wild world is full of God’s steadfast love.
For you, dear servant, were made for this love.
Go in this deep peace. Amen.

Closing Music – “More About Jesus” – Linda Fairleigh