Sunday School Update

Sunday School Update

We’ve been meeting on zoom every Sunday for 13 weeks! In the beginning it was tough, our very first one zoom crashed, too many churches online!!! Then, the next few weeks we were plugging along with no real direction, but just grateful to see each other.

These last five weeks we have found our base and a routine. We are doing a bible study in our Jesus Storybook Bible. We made sure each child has their own bible, taking turns to read along. We have started right from the beginning from the Old Testament. This book is packed with creative story telling by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrations by Jago that knock my socks off! We look for similarities and difference that may relate our lives today….
My 30 year daughter in Ohio has joined us, I sent her a bible !!!
It has made for some very lively discussions!

I have made some changes to our zoom link…if you would like to join us every Sunday please email me at

I’ll send you the reading, the craft and the zoom link.

Thanks for sharing these awesome kids with me…these families are a blessing in my life!!

Karen Kelley



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