Celebrating 40 yea..

It felt like a big family holiday when about 140 of us gathered on Sunday, January 22, 2017 to mark the 40th Anniversary of the startup of our church. The Reverend Leslie Etheredge, Regional Conference Minister, extended warm personal greetings from our Florida Conference. The music – from accompaniment, hand bells, guest flautist, and choir – was truly inspiring. The excitement was palpable!

John Anderson was our Emcee and interjected stories for our entertainment. We heard from long-time members about early mission projects, (46 members building 1 ½ houses for Habitat for Humanity), a life changing trip to Israel, how Fine Tunings got its start, the chronicles of past Pastors, and a tale about “The Wedding, the Bells and the Surprised Pianist.” Many of us did not know that sewing machines once lined the walls of our Fellowship Hall and that we had a relationship with the Gladiolus Learning Center “back then.”

So many people participated, supported, contributed and just plain pitched in, making this a party, a celebration so WELL DONE! 40 years. Congratulations to us. Let’s show our thanks to those who paved the way for us by growing our church, expanding our missions and daring to dream. We are truly blessed!