Great Response to Lunch Debt

FMCUCC is a generous church. The response to the “Feed Our Children” campaign for Mother’s Day was, as always, outstanding. We had asked for the congregation to donate  $1,000 in honor of our mothers. We received $4,500 to date and more trickles in!  This is enough to completely erase the the lunchroom debt of EVERY child/family in Lee County. But, the news gets better. Beginning in the fall of 2018, all Lee County Schools will be covered by CEP, the Community Eligibility Program, whereby every student will receive a hot lunch without charge. We are already investigating ways to be of service to needy students for the fall semester. Two possibilities are: Student Moms w/ Infants and Homeless Students. The Board of Missions will update information as it becomes available. Again, on behalf of Missions, THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS RESPONSE.