News 09/19/2020

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“Unhappy Servants”

Matthew 20:1-16

A disgruntled worker reading the parable of the unhappy servants in Matthew 20 would likely see it as typical of the way the system works. You grind out a full day’s work and some Johnny-come-lately gets the same wage as you do for a fraction of the work. To read the parable that way, however, betrays some of the bias we have about ourselves and our relative worth in comparison to others. 

What Jesus is trying to teach us, however, is that real value isn’t determined by things like one’s resume, one’s paycheck or one’s seniority on the job. In a theocratic economy, real value isn’t found by climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, but by holding the ladder for others. 

Let’s get together Sunday and further look at inequities in our labor/wages dilemma. 

See you then. — Dave


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