News 07/30/2020

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“They Need Not Go Away” 

Matthew 14:13-22 

The message for Sunday Worship on August 2nd

Jesus finds himself in a bit of a pinch. He has attracted a crowd of around 10,000 (if you count the women and children) and they’re hungry. Jesus never kept his distance from the poor, the hungry or the diseased. And now, having healed the sick, he wasn’t about to send them away hungry. They need not go away.

What to do? The disciples haven’t a clue until Jesus says, You give them something to eat.

This is our calling. To give the hungry something to eat.

And on the authority of Jesus, we can say that we do, in fact, have something to give.

All Jesus asked of them was that they take what was at hand, and use it. God would take care of the rest. What they had was two fish and five small loaves of bread.

Assets. Five loaves. Two fish. Hmmmm. What to do?

No doubt we’re counting assets right now. Jesus says, “They need not go away.” Okay, what are our assets? What do we have to give? What haven’t we thought about? 




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