News 07/23/2020

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“More Than Conquerors” 

1 Kings 3:5-12 & Romans 8:26-39 

The message for Sunday Worship on July 26th

Paul says that the Spirit helps us in our weakness, but what does that mean? I’m sure we’d rather not be weak in the first place. As we journey through our lives and face its many oppressions and hardships and indignities, most of us would rather brush past the difficult stuff and get straight to victory. We would rather only know a God of sustenance and celebration and triumph. But that’s not what our scriptures tell us. When Paul, harassed and beaten and imprisoned, pens his letter to the Roman Christians, he does not imagine that life is easy or that everything that happens is ordained by God. What he gives us instead is a testimony, a stubborn vow of allegiance to Christ and a proclamation that whatever and whoever seeks to conquer us is nothing next to God’s overwhelming, liberating love.

And so, Paul says, we are “more than conquerors.” But this phrase trips us up, too. We’re from a competitive, opportunistic, even warlike culture. Conquering–winning–is said by the most privileged among us to be what is most important. Paul doesn’t think so. He audaciously claims that there is something which transcends the powers and sufferings of the present order, a vision of a new sociality, a new being, that makes his captors’ power over him meaningless. This Sunday in worship, we will reflect upon one of Paul’s most soaring passages and consider its subversive and transformative message for us today.

Rev. Wesley Snedeker



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