News 07/16/2020

Please Note: The church building is currently closed due to the COVID-19 “Safer at Home” quarantine. Weekly worship services are still occurring via YouTube (see link below).

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“Let’s Not be in a Hurry to Get Back in the Building” 

Genesis 28:10-22 

Terence Fretheim writes beautifully about our need to create places of worship, “because human beings are shaped by place as well as time.”
Thinking back to Jacob and thousands of other ancestors who wandered, who were led, who were taken in exile, who went on pilgrimage, we find his words inspiring for us, too, their descendants in faith: “The rhythms of the ancestors include the rhythm of journeying and worship; their journeys are punctuated by moments of worship at specific places. Yet the place never becomes a final objective, where one settles in; it provides sustenance for the ongoing journey” (Genesis, The New Interpreter’s Bible).
As we withstand the pleas to “get back in the building” may we truly listen to Jacob’s journey where God meets him (sometimes scoundrel that he is) where he is — not in the worship building.

That’s where we’ll meet Jacob (and God) on Sunday.  

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