Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood 18 – Pot Luck at Karen Kelley’s – November 2017

Neighborhood Groups exist to bring people together in a small group format. They meet primarily for social purposes at either a restaurant, a private home, or a subdivision’s community center.

There are two primary purposes of these groups:

  1. Getting to know those parishioners who live near you a bit better. The hope is that this will encourage us to reach out to these neighbors when they are in need (missing from church for a while, experience an illness) or when we are in need (ride to church, borrow something for a visitor like a crib or bicycle).
  2. Grow our church by inviting people near us to a small group social event. When we meet others who are looking for a church, it is nice to be able to offer them the opportunity to meet others who attend our church in a small group setting outside of worship.

Check the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall to find out which is your Neighborhood, and join the fun!