Lunch Bunch (UCC Women)

June 12th at Pizza Pub


Join us for a meal along with informal fellowship, conversation, and programs.  Please sign up on the UCC Women’s Bulletin Board or call the church office.  From May through August we will meet at local restaurants.

















On Tuesday, February 13th, Lunch Bunch had a special Greek lunch cooked and served by Barb Glass and her family, Ginger, Toby and Gabby Castle. After a Greek blessing sung by Toby, everyone enjoyed Greek Salad, Pita bread with Tzatziki, spanakopita (spinach pie), kalamata olive bread, Greek potatoes, Greek yogurt cake with lemon syrup. The excellent meal was followed by a program on Seminole quilting presented by Cheryl Frank. She compared the methods used by European immigrants and the native Americans and showed examples of both.