LIFE (Lee Interfaith for Empowerment)

LIFE is a church-based community-action partnership organized to unite the prayers and actions of member churches to work together for justice in Lee County.



Fort Myers UCC joined LIFE in March 2017 and is committed to being a strong supporter of this young organization. Over the past year, we have attracted more of our church members and friends to this organization. At the LIFE Nehemiah Action Action held at St. Columbkille Church on March 20, 2018, FMCUCC accounted for over 10% of the 716 people who attended! (Photos from the March meeting are shown below.) 

April 2018 Newsletter

Congratulations to all for a successful 2018 Nehemiah Action. 750 people gathered together to proclaim that Lee County will not allow our children to pay the price for our inaction. Instead, we secured a commitment from Police Chief Diggs to stop arresting children for minor mistakes. But, when we went to speak to our county commissioners we were met with their silence.

Well, we host a Nehemiah Action to elicit a response and a response did occur. Commissioner Hamman scheduled a meeting with LIFE leadership and while the meeting did not cause him to change his mind- he was able to listen to our concerns and insistence that a children’s service council will help to solve the problems.

A positive response is that Commissioner Mann kept his word and introduced the Children’s Service Council to the county commission. They will vote on whether or not to allow it on the ballot next week. So, since the commissioners were not at the action- we will bring the action to them. On Tuesday April 17thwe will gather at 8:45 AM outside the courthouse. We will enter the courtroom for the meeting and hearing at 9:30 where we will have speakers share their stories and relevant data. We are asking all those who are available to attend- we only have power because we have organized people.

Aside from that movement forward- we are preparing for a Celebration unlike any other. Please see details below about our 2018 Celebration as we close our year with a bang. As always- contact the LIFE office with questions, comments, or concerns.

LIFE for justice. Justice for life.

Investment Drive
We have reached $21,000 of our $33,000 goal for 2018. If you have an installment to mail in you can send it to 3950 Winkler Ave Fort Myers FL 33916. All investments are tax-deductible and ensure LIFE is owned by its membership.