Large Groups

Father’s Day Luncheon – June 17, 2018

Quite a few social events are planned throughout the year and are usually held at the church. All are invited to these events – men, women, children and even friends who do not attend our worship. Most of these events are planned by the Fellowship Committee.

  • Lunches after Worship – Most of these take place in the Fellowship Hall and sign-up sheets allow attendees to indicate whether they have special dietary needs. In August, we dine out at Pinchers Crab Shack, and in December we catch the Christmas program at Broadway Palms.
  • Sunday Nighters – These are post-luck dinners that start at 5:30 and are usually followed by games or a program.
  • September Luncheon after Worship – This is sponsored by UCC Women and the theme varies year to year.
  • Holiday Tea – This is sponsored by UCC Women and held on a Saturday in late November or early December. In addition to lunch and a program, there is a baked goods and craft sale.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner – For those who don’t join family members for this holiday – or just prefer not to cook – we usually have a large crowd of our church family gathered for this catered meal.
  • Attic Treasures Sale – Though not technically a “social event” with a meal, this big sale is one that is eagerly anticipated by many in our church. Volunteers typically pour forth to set up and work at this event and several thousand dollars are usually raised to support projects identified by the church. Sponsored by UCC Women.