Do You Need A Mask?

Masks Available

Have you been leaving the house with an uncovered face lately?

We at FMCUCC want you to be safe and so with the help of our Deacons are able to provide you a cloth mask that will protect the people you encounter outside.

You can find masks inside a the new containers, on the bench outside the Narthex door. Please take one for your family member who ventures beyond your home the most. If you are unable to get out and would like a mask, please call the church office 239-482-3133.

All masks are washer/dryer friendly and Should Not Be Microwaved.

We are also looking for individuals willing to assist in making the masks.

If you would to be part of this project, please contact
Vice-Moderator, Carolyn Martin at 315-529-3369

Sending out a big THANK YOU to Linda McGlashan for assisting Carolyn Martin in making and providing these wonderful masks!  


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