Church Reopening Taskforce Report

Church Reopening Taskforce Report

The Reopening Taskforce, met on June 23 at 2pm. It is comprised of:

• Rev. David K. Bucey
• Office Manager, Lisa Riehl
• Our 3 Moderators, Marianne Dent, Jeff Trout and Carolyn Martin
• Chair of Christian Education, Catalina Torres
• Music Director, Amy Maneval

We discussed the current situation of Covid-19 in the State of Florida and the prospects of the situation improving. However, it was reported that new infections are on the rise with an all-time high of 4,600 new cases just this past Saturday, according to Johns Hopkins University. Daily cases have increased four-fold since the state began reopening on May 4th.

Intensive-care units are rapidly reaching capacity: two hospitals in Palm Beach County are completely full, according to the Business Insider publication.

With all that being said, we decided to recommend the building remain closed until October 4th at the very earliest. The task force will continue to meet on a regular basis and will revisit the reopening again in mid-September.

On June 23, the Church Council approved this recommendation.


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