Church Reopening Taskforce Report

Church Reopening Taskforce Report

The Task Force is comprised of:

• Rev. David K. Bucey
• Office Manager, Lisa Riehl
• Our 3 Moderators, Marianne Dent, Carolyn Martin, and Jeff Trout
• Chair of Christian Education, Catalina Torres
• Music Director, Amy Maneval

We are continuing to assess the Covid-19 situation here in SWFL and the overall current data regarding Covid-19. As the numbers of new cases and deaths continue to increase, we feel it is prudent to continue to monitoring the situation and update the plan as things change.

The Task Force met on August 26, 2020,
and made the following recommendation:

FMCUCC has adjusted its reopening for worship date to no earlier than Sunday, January 17, 2020. The Church Council approved the measure unanimously on September 1, 2020.

For some perspective, click here for an informative article regarding COVID-19 spread within churches.

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