Church Reopening Taskforce Report

Church Reopening Taskforce Report

We are continuing to assess the Covid-19 situation here in SWFL and the overall current data regarding Covid-19. As the numbers of new cases and deaths continue to increase, we feel it is prudent to continue to monitoring the situation and update the plan as things change.

The Task Force met on February 23, 2021, and made the following recommendation:

FMCUCC has adjusted its reopening for worship date to no earlier than Sunday, August 1, 2021. The Church Council approved the measure unanimously on February 23, 2021.

For some perspective, click here for an informative article regarding COVID-19 spread within churches.


FMCUCC’s Response to Covid-19

The situation around the coronavirus (Covid-19)) is constantly evolving in Lee County and the state of Florida. The FMCUCC Reopening Committee has been monitoring and considering all the information that is coming out almost on a daily basis.
While it is true that Florida has noticed a slight decline in new cases and hospitalizations, the state is seeing the same statistics it saw back in December with 7617 NEW cases, 4367 hospitalizations and 163 deaths report yesterday, 02/18/21, alone.
Also, you may have read or heard about recent discoveries of new mutated variants of the virus and the uncertainty they present. It appears these mutations are more easily transmitted to others and there are also concerns about the efficacy of the vaccines on these new strains.
While it is also true that more and more of Florida’s residents are getting at least their first dose of the vaccine (and some their second), it is also true officials are saying that it may not be until June or July before the general population will have received both doses. The recent unprecedented bad weather across the country has created backlogs in both the shipment of vaccines and materials to make them.
We are all looking forward to the day when we can once again meet in person for Sunday services. Before that can happen there are a number of steps that need to be taken to prepare the building for safe gathering. Arrangements are being made to install Plexiglas shields in the church office, at the welcome center, and in front of both the pulpit and the lectern. In addition, supplies such as masks, hand sanitizers and other cleaning solutions are being purchased so we can keep our members, church staff and visitors safe.
It must also be noted that as far as we know we have not lost a single member or had a single infection attributed to prematurely opening our doors for a service or other gathering. Many other churches cannot say the same.
Remember, Pastor Dave has often said that the Church is not the building. Until then, let us all remain patient and vigilant in being safe. And, get the vaccine if you have the opportunity.

Until we can meet again,
Jeff Trout, Moderator


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