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FMCUCC Names New Pastor

FAITH NOTES (March 18, 2017)

By Mary Ann  Husty (Fort Myers News-Press)

The Rev. David K. Bucey is the new senior pastor at the Fort Myers Congregational United Church of Christ in Fort Myers who preached for the first time March 5.

Rev. Bucey is a graduate of Muskingum College and Duke University Divinity School; was ordained to the Christian Ministry in June 1974; served in the United Methodist and United Church of Christ denominations and has extensive experience in business. When he hears the phrase, we’ve never done it that way before, he tells the congregation, “we do not shop the way we used to, do not drive cars the way we used to, and do not exchange information the way we used to, so we might need to look at new and different ways to engage the Gospel and ‘be the Church,’” he said.

Pastor and his wife, Barbara, an educator and administrator at the University of Cincinnati, have three adult children.

Delivering his first sermon on March 5th, displaying the T-Shirt given him by the children

Greeting parishioners after worship in the Fellowship Hall – March 5th